Bologna based musician and sound designer. He starts studing piano when he was a child. After an approach to various musical instruments, he studied sound engineering and electronic music.

In 2017 he made “Lonely light” a soundtrack for the Natgeo musical contest “Genius” where he gets the congratulations and the personal appreciation of the judges of the competitions: Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer. 

His music blends the obsessive and cyclic nature of electronic beats with classical and ambient atmospheres. Prepared pianos, loops, synthesizers and sampling all meet in his melancholic soundscapes. 

His first album “Four Dimensional Waves ” has been released in June 2019 by Hush Hush Records.

After 30 live shows as opening act of the …a Toys Orchesta “Lub Dub” tour and several European festivals, his live activity stops because of Corona virus spreading. 

During the lockdown he gets in touch with Tukico aka Hoshiko Yamane japanese Berlin based member of the legendary band Tangerine Dream. 

From their mutual admiration on July 24th came out the album “ Parallel Worlds “ released by Hush Hush records. In the winter of 2021, from an obsessive sound research began in 2019, take shape his third work “ Waterpiano “. 

It will be released on December 2021, once again by Hush Hush records.

Management: Katia Giampaolo >