Modena City Ramblers are the most important Italian band in its genre, known for the peculiar mix of folk and “world” influences with ska and rock.

The band has sold more than 1.0000.000 copies of their CDs in the last 30 years. Their constant performing with huge audiences has lead the band to become a popular and consolidated phenomenon on the Italian rock music scene. The band has been on world tour for more than 15 years, with a definitely fulfilling feedback under both the performing and the discographic point of view. The trip starts from Italy and its typical mandolin, through the Celtic tin whistle and finally reaches those African rhythms inwardly linked to the percussions of the slave workers in the two Continents. Inside this mix powerful electric guitar and drums find their perfect collocation, together with violin and accordion and the influence of punk in singing. 

Moreover, they mix Irish Folk and Italian Taranta. The result of all this is the so-called Celtic patchanka.

In the past they released “Bella Ciao: combat folk for the masses”, an unofficial release that, despite its being particularly new and unexpected, has definitely met the public’s lively interest. 

Produced by Terry Woods (The Pogues), the album re-visits the band’s classics through an open-minded international vision, with some lyrics in English, Spanish and French. 

In the last 5 years the band played for a several gigs all around Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Finland) with great success. 

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